Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell – The Magical Duo

Two all-rounder Daryl Mitchell and wicketkeeper Tom Blundell added a number of partnership runs to New Zealand during the test series, adding a total of more than 600+ runs so far. The duo set the record during their third Test against England at Headingly in Leeds. Mitchell-Blundell has made another solid show on his side. After NZ suffered a stalemate of 123/5, the duo were ranked in the 120-run mark with Blundell scoring 55 runs for Pacer Matty Potts.

With this, the duo broke the record for strikers Martin Crowe and Andrew Jones, who combined for 552 runs in two innings against Sri Lanka in 1991.

So far, the duo have had the best collaboration in the series so far. Ahead of this 120-run  in the final test, the two placed 236 runs in the first round of the second test, followed by the 45th place in the second round.

And in the first test at Lord’s, the two made 15 runs in the first inning. Although the round was the most disappointing, it was followed by a 195-run standoff in the second inning.

Mitchell is in good shape in the series so far. In five rounds, Mitchell made 482 runs with an average of 120.5. Three hundred and a half century came out of his bat, with an excellent 190 runs.

Blundell also did well. He made 295 runs in five innings and an average of 59. One hundred and a two half century are out of his stroke, with the best of 106 runs.

482 has been run by Daryl Mitchell in the series so far, the highest by New Zealand batsmen in the Test series against England. Martin Donnelly’s 462 runs were the first of its kind during a four-game series in England in 1949.

1 Number of New Zealand players with the most runs while hitting at No.5 and lower in the Test series than Mitchell’s 482 runs. Brendon McCullum amassed 535 runs in a two-match series against India in 2014, including a three-year and double ton.

5 Number of players who have travelled before Mitchell to get hundreds in three or more consecutive Tests in England. The last of the five strikers was Rahul Dravid during a visit to India in England in 2002. Mitchell is also the first New Zealand player to hit hundreds in three consecutive Tests in  England.

Mitchell became the first batsman to score hundreds in each game in a series of three or more Test series. The eight players before him scored hundreds of years in all three Test series or more, all for the home team.

The 611 Partnership runs between Mitchell and Tom Blundell in the series, most of the New Zealand couples in the trial series. They surpassed 552 runs by Martin Crowe and Andrew Jones in the 1991 home series against Sri Lanka.

Mitchell and Blundell are the second New Zealand couple to have 300 stalls in the same series. Andrew Jones shared three 100-run runs with Shane Thomson in the 1991 series against Sri Lanka.

The 989 Partnership runs a fifth and lower wicket in this New Zealand Test series, featuring Mitchell. Only two batsmen participated in multiple partnership runs in the Test series for the fifth and lower wickets – Shivnarine Chanderpaul’s 1328 runs against India in 2002 and Gary Sobers’ 1225 runs against -England in 1966.

New Zealand’s Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell celebrated their 100-run partnership on the second day of the test match against England at the Lord’s cricket ground in London, on Friday, June 3, 2022.

New Zealand’s Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell celebrated their 100-run partnership on the second day of the test match against England at the Lord’s cricket ground in London, on Friday, June 3, 2022.

A 180-match unbeaten run between Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell made New Zealand take control of England two days after the first test at Lord’s on Friday.

Together with their team in 56 of the four – just 47 runs ahead – Mitchell and Blundell drove the Black Caps 227 forward with stumps. Mitchell closed the 97-day unbeaten run, three missed out on a hundred at home, and Blundell 90 missed out on an impressive 236 out of four.

Their cooperation was a demonstration of calm, and the voice became flat and the attack on the home could be self-inflicted.

Blundell was looking forward to the third quarter but said the team’s goals came first.

Blundell said that hundreds for our team is a job to do for the team. These hundreds can mean a lot, but there’s still a long way to go in this game.

After a fine day of 17 wickets, seven were added to the numbers, with New Zealand looking set to repeat their bad start on Thursday. Will Young, captain Kane Williamson, Tom Latham and Devon Conway all came out of the nick to leave their team 56 in four overs within 23 yards.

Mitchell and Blundell then settled on what could have happened as a win-win situation.

They shut down James Anderson and Stuart Broad of England experienced and showed Matthew Potts who played so well that test cricket was not as easy as he thought.

Potts dismissed Williamson for the second time in two days and returned his game to six wickets but did not work after lunch.

New captain Ben Stokes has been digging for more than five overs and there has been an indirect first-team look at Matt Parkinson’s replacement.

After a run down the road from Manchester to replace Jack Leach on Thursday afternoon, the leg spinner finally got his long-awaited chance and was slightly bitten on the pitch, but the first battalion to find time against him quickly vanished. Parkinson dropped 14 wickets to 43.

Earlier England had climbed from 116 to seven in one night to 141 out, leading by just nine runs. Tim Southee finished with four wickets, along with instant bowling ally Trent Boult with three wickets.

“It’s a shame we’re not moving forward and creating a lot of lead, but in case if you don’t focus on the whole game that’s nothing,” said Paul Collingwood England assistant coach.

A small lead left England with a small mistake, but Anderson, Potts and Broad again made good form by putting New Zealand in trouble at 56 out of four.

The afternoon session finally saw the game return to something close to the rhythm of the test match, as New Zealand came in and added 90 with just one wicket, Conway’s.

Mitchell has pulled well, showing enough intention to allow Blundell to get his feet at a quiet pace. Stokes’ introduction raised the pace, without any surprises, and when Parkinson finally put his hands on the ball, New Zealand had 90 out of four.

England’s quest for success began to work hard.

Blundell successfully played catch-up and defeated his team-mate in the first half of the century, arriving there with 101 balls with a compact square drive from Potts.

Mitchell did not wait long to follow, arriving there with a moved song from Broad, and it was clear that the game was justified by two cool knocks.

There were work packs, there were five bids in the space of three overs as Mitchell took Anderson and Blundell did the same for Broad, but it was a systematic approach and a very unlucky use.

Speaking of the game, England’s innings continued. . Mitchell (109) and Blundell (55) played high shots to give the Kiwis a solid point.

Jack Leach was the star of England football and took 5/100 with his spin spin. Stuart Broad also took 3/62.

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