About Legend Fantasy

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Legend Fantasy is owned and operated by Cloud Latitude Co.Ltd , a group of fantasy sports enthusiasts dedicated to providing the best fantasy sports platform experience for everyone.
They  take users’ opinions seriously and improve our service accordingly. Furthermore, they  want to build up a global community to let fantasy sports lovers not only have fun but also interact with each other. No matter who you are, where you are from, everyone can enjoy fantasy sports in Legend Fantasy. Winner is not decided upon gender or age. Here, only your skills matter.

Dreams come and go, but Legends are Forever.

People love watching and playing cricket. Fantasy cricket has given a chance to many cricket lovers to make their own virtual team consisting of professional players. It has gained so much popularity these days. Are you also interested in playing fantasy cricket but do not know which site is the best for it? Dreams come and go, but Legends are forever. Make your own legend in Legend Fantasy!

You can play fantasy sports with your friends for a low entry fee on Legend Fantasy. Legend Fantasy platform offers a variety of social functions for you to share your victories with your friends chat with them and share tips to build a winning team. The entry fee is the lowest in the industry, which will ensure that your skills and passion get the reward they deserve.

Legend has Chat room function which engage the players in app , they can as well chat with each other in chat room and can discuss about the team and game.

How do I get started with Legend Fantasy?

Step 1. Download the Legend Fantasy on Google Play.
Step 2. Register on the Legend Fantasy with required information.
Step 3. Select a match and create your own team based on players’ status in the real match.
Step 4. Join the contest by paying a pre-designated entry fee with your deposit.
Step 5. After easy steps above, enjoy your fantastic experience on Legend Fantasy from now on.

Hоw tо Deposit Money in Legend Fantasy?

You don’t have to process complicated payment on Legend Fantasy, you can simply finish your deposit through in-app purchase on Google Play or App Store using payment methods from your accounts on these platforms.

※The only way to add your deposit is via your mobile phone.

How to convert the Coins to Cash in Legend fantasy?

Please go to Me(Bottom Right)> Friend List> Search Icon(Top Right), Type the Legend ID provided by Telegram channel and Add friend> Check the rate with Telegram for transfer> Send UPI ID in telegram and your Coins will be converted to Cash and will get deposited in your UPI ID instant.
Telegram ID for Withdrawing COINS to CASH: ( Lfstore_sellbuy )

You can also use your winnings to redeem prizes during the certain campaign. You can also transfer your winnings to your deposit, so you can join more contests. Moreover, you can even share your winnings to friends as a gift to qualify them for contests and all the more prizes!

What is “deposit” and “winning”?


Users can use deposits to pay the entry fee for joining the contest.

Users can also get free deposits from some certain campaigns.
Deposit can neither be transferred to winnings, nor be transferred to other users.


Users can get winnings by obtaining victories in contests.
Users can share their winnings with other users.

Player selection

In Legend Fantasy You need to choose 11 players from both teams that participate in the match to form your Legend Fantasy team. You have total 100 credits to spend for forming your squad with player position criteria as following:

Player TypeMinMax
Wicket Keeper- WK14
Batter- BAT36
All Rounder- AR14
Bowler- BOWL36

Decide captain and vice-captain for your team

You can assign captain and vice-captain to any player in your team. The player assigned as captain will earn two times (2x) points and the vice-captain earns one and a half times (1.5x) points. 

For more info can visit Legend Fantasy.

Activity Point Programme

Legend Fantasy wants to provide the best game experience for our players. So, this is why we created the Activity Point program. By acquiring Activity Point (AP), players can unlock specific game features and enjoy all the benefits and privileges that come with their Activity Point Level.

Players can acquire Activity Points by purchasing Coins or joining Contests in Legend Fantasy for levelling up.

  • Get Activity Points by purchasing Coins

Every 1 Coin purchasing can get 1 Activity Point. 

Ex: If a player purchases 1,000 Coins in Legend Fantasy, then he will get 1,000 Activity Points.

  • Get Activity Points by joining Contests

Every 200 Coins spent on contest entry fee can get 1 Activity Point.

Ex: If a player spends 1,000 Coins to join a contest, then he will get 5 Activity Points, etc.

Legend Support

Contacting Legend Fantasy  іѕ very easy, If any issue you face you can share it in in app chat room where you can get instant help from other users as well from legend team, or you can mail them for any kind of issue you face or for any kind of information you want.